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!Extreme Sports!
Page Three Title

Extreme sports go beyond the normal everyday mundane life. We love that! If you want to get into extreme competitions or extreme prepared to get hurt, spend a lot of money, and a lot of time perfecting your craft.

Many people, everyday, catch a glimps of what an extremist does. And, each day, a new person gets interested in becoming an extreme competitor. If you are one of those people...CONGRATULATIONS! Another thing about being a competitor is that you need sponsors. There are many ways to get sponsors. A good, traditional way of getting a sponsor is to go to ameture competitions. Most of the time, there is a scout there looking for new people to represent their company. Since we're in the new age, we can use the Internet. If you want a specific sponsor, go to their website and e-mail them telling them that you are interested in being sponsored by their company. Explain to them why you want to be sponsored by their company, and hopefully you'll get a response. Also, you can find the official website of your favorite athlete in that sport, and e-mail him/her, ask them how they suggest you get started (they had to get started somewhere), and you may get a respose. Plus, from that you'll also have a good idea of how the people in that business work.

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